Expedition Bhutan was the first trek of modern times across one of the world’s most mysterious and inaccessible countries to uncover the geographical and cultural wonders of a country whose King declares its benchmark for success to be Gross National Happiness.

In the Fall of 2011, the 4-person Expedition Team of athletes and entrepreneurs; Terri Schneider, Tony Lillios, David Kelly, and Greg Thomas; traveled by foot and bicycle from the western slopes of the Himalaya near China, to the eastern border with India, over 70,000 feet of climbing—the elevation of well over two Mt. Everests from sea to summit. Through this never-been-done high adventure in remote landscapes, they explored a severe geography and unique culture via festivals, Buddhist monasteries, remote villages, and lots of tea and local rice wine. For 485 miles with the people and rugged terrain of Bhutan, they perused the question—’What Matters?’—while a documentary film team captured their experience.

Terri is now sharing this unprecedented journey and inquiry through an unforgettable multimedia presentation of the people and landscape of Bhutan. Lets explore together, WHAT MATTERS TO YOU!

This project started as a tiny spark that flamed into a documentary film, a rich 40-day life shifting experience, and a blossoming love-affair with a new people and landscapes. For years I had a gut feeling that the mysterious and traditional culture of Bhutan nestled in its raw and stunning and geography, could expand us. What I couldn’t have imagined was how beautifully in line my hunch was. Through an adventure immersion and cultural inquiry about ‘What Matters’ in Bhutan, we were offered a layered, profound and multi-colored view of what really does matter globally. In sharing this unique journey, I’m looking forward to hearing about—What Matters to YOU!”Terri Schneider

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