Resetting the Intention

April 24, 2011 |  by  |  Dispatches, Logistics

As with any huge project we take on, its human to now and then lose sight of the initial intention of our undertaking when the details, tasks and challenges pull us in different directions. Having recently experienced challenges in organizing Expedition Bhutan, I am using Easter to remind myself of why we are doing this amazing journey in the first place (no particular correlation).

Updates (all in the past week):

Sponsor Support Options: We are quite excited to very soon offer you a stake as Sponsor Support of Expedition Bhutan with one of the perks being a trip to visit this magical country.

New Teammate: We have also acquired a new teammate in the past week. I’ll be introducing him as soon as we can get information up on our website.

Film Team Update: We have had some rich and soulful conversations with a potential film maker/director for our project. I am beyond excited about this person coming on board to offer you a unique view into a journey of a lifetime. Again, I’ll offer more info as soon as we are final on this possibility.

As an athlete I know that to grow and expand is to place ourselves in the way of challenge regularly. One of the means I’ve always coped with that difficulty is with laughter. When the course or our failed body breaks us down, touching on our humility with a strong dose of laughter offers a needed reality check.

The process and results of continued tests are what help us refine our skills—if we find a means to stay in the game. I have been continually tested as a leader of our Expedition as of late. That is so cool. Intellectually I know how to execute. Emotionally I am regularly challenged. I’ve been laughing quite a bit and as of today the results are fabulous.

One way I’ve hooked into ‘fabulousness’ is to re-check in with the foundational intention of our project. This incredible adventure was birthed from an ideal of combining adventure in a challenging and stunning landscape, with a peek into the soul of a culture—and perhaps our own. To reflect on this, we could use David Kelly's 3 part intention of:

Doing cool things in cool places with cool people.

Or, use a thought that came to mind last night:

To be the cause in inspiring others to happiness…. through a soulful adventure.

Or something like that.

In any case, the play button is reset and we are in motion moving into May preparation. I’ll be back at you soon with more details.