Obsession: Bhutan (Join us!)

April 13, 2011 |  by  |  Dispatches, Logistics

I’ve become increasingly obsessed with Expedition Bhutan planning. The long hours of computer work, research, reading, emails and lengthy conference calls seem to feed my passion for this unique project and country. I realized while lying in bed last night negotiating too many spinning thoughts, that besides writing a book, researching and writing my thesis, and being a professional triathlete (ok I guess those are pretty big ‘besides’) – this could be the biggest project I’ve taken on to date. I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m at my best under pressure and when I immerse myself in creativity in an expansive way – trying to birth something soulful from nothing. And yet there is never nothing to start with is there? Because passion is a pretty huge ‘something’ :)

But the main theme that keeps surfacing for me on this project is the requirement of partnerships, teams and connections. I tend to fly like a lone wolf in most I do but also believe that we are interdependent beings (yes, an oxymoron). So this project requires my in depth work with others and I am challenged and enriched by that requirement.

Here’s a brief update on the more recent ‘somethings’ happening with Expedition Bhutan:

  • EXPEDITION ROUTE: After extensive research we completed our Route Option 1 (its current name) and have submitted it to our partners in Bhutan for approval. In short – this country will be awesomely challenging to meaderingly-traverse. We are asking to move through 4 major areas where non-Bhutanese aren’t allowed to go, so we are keeping our fingers crossed we’ll get approval. Once we have a route finalized (at least until we get there and need to change it up again :) we’ll detail it for you on the Bhutan map on our website so you can check it out. Thus far Route Option 1 involves LOTS of trekking and mountain biking and a little bit of rafting or kayaking (and a serious amount of elevation gain and loss).
  • YOU CAN JOIN!: Due to significant interest in our expedition we’ve decided to offer supporters of Expedition Bhutan an opportunity to travel to Bhutan and be part of our expedition for a short bit on the front end (western Bhutan). Join us! One support option will include our initial 9-day trek on the Jhomalhari route plus a few extra touring days in country – while 2 other support options involve 6-days in country trekking or touring as well as spending time with the Team on either the front end or back end of our Jhomalhari Trek. We are finalizing this info for you now! If you are interested in being on the email list to get that info first hand send me your email address –terri@terrischneider.net and I can send you info as soon as its up on our site (participation will be limited).
  • OUR FILM: Though our ideas and thoughts are rich on our vision of a film, we have no idea how to go about creating this in such a rare and unique venture! So we’ve been up to what any self respecting seeker would do – we’ve been talking to a lot of people and gathering info and experts. Thus far we have an award winning camera man on board and some really solid additional contacts. On many levels this expedition feels like coming full circle in my life as an extreme athlete, a thinker and a seeker. Joining physical duress and adventure in one of the ripest geographical, cultural and spiritual backdrops on the planet is rich ground indeed for some substantive sharing via film. My vision of a potential film is very clear – we are looking for the right herd of people to produce such a vision.

Note: if you have anyone in mind for film work or info on such things please contact us with your thoughts!

  • THE RACE: Our partners in Bhutan have commissioned us to create a race for them in Fall of 2012. They want to support their vision of Bhutan as a place to experience extreme sports. So we are working on that as well! Right now its looking like a 4-day running stage race (with a shortened hiking option). Details will not be forthcoming for a while but if you are interested in staying in touch with this option, send me your email address and I’ll keep you posted! (terri@terrischneider.net)


We’d love to hear from you on the above if you have any ideas or support options. Join ourFacebook page and tell your friends. I’ll be back at you soon.