The Journey is one of the rewards

September 14, 2011 |  by  |  Dispatches

Bhutan. The word just sounds mystical.

It’s become very clear that this journey/exploration is truly something special. I’ve wanted for many years to make a trip to Bhutan. The dream is finally coming true. The tireless energy and focus of Terri with help from Tony, David, and a host of others is finally making this happen. The team has been amazing.

A bit of background on the team from my perspective. I’ve known Terri and David for more than two decades. We all lived in Santa Cruz, CA when we first met and forged a very strong friendship based on a desire for adventure and athletic endeavors. We’ve done triathlons together, raced in a few Eco-Challenge adventure races together, done numerous other adventures and subsequently moved on to our own other experiences in our lives. A few years ago I reconnected with Terri for a couple great adventures and now with expedition Bhutan will have the opportunity to travel and adventure again with David. It’s a great re-connection. While I’ve only known Tony for the past year he is a great friend of Terri’s. As the saying goes any good friend of yours is a good friend of mine. He has proven to be a solid, consistent, and significant contributor to the expedition Bhutan process and I know will prove to be an excellent team member in Bhutan.

Yesterday I was looking through some old emails from Terri with respect to the beginning of this trip. It’s been more than a year in the actual planning stages, but clearly in the brain for many more years. It started a bit smaller a year ago and has become a super-sized version of what was originally planned. Many different facets to this grand exploration. It truly will be an opportunity to explore so many different aspects of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I’ve starting my training in earnest. While I’ve been biking the whole summer in the best areas that Boulder offers I’ve recently realized that it was time to put some time in the hiking shoes and high elevations. The past three weekends have been spent getting above 13,000ft with a 20lb pack. The highest point we reach during our expedition will be a bit above 16,000ft so the more time spent acclimating the better. We’ll be spending at least three nights sleeping above 14,000ft during the first part of our trip.

While I look forward to being in Bhutan I also take great enjoyment in getting there. The training, focus, and exploration in preparing for something of this magnitude is an amazing journey in and of itself. These opportunities allow me to explore more fully my own physical spaces out my backdoor and the inner spaces within my own person as I figure out how to fully prepare myself.

I think a quote from Terri states it well, “This whole experience is like nothing else we’ve done. Its not standard fare adventure, but maybe it’s even bigger in the end. Whatever it will be, will be big.”

Preparation continues for this amazing and BIG trip. Stay tuned for more updates and ramblings….