It Takes a (really cool) Small Village…

May 17, 2011 |  by  |  Dispatches, Logistics

Like any intriguing and epic project, our cast of characters for Expedition Bhutan has changed up and grown, at once. And we’re not done expanding as of yet.

Melina Lillios will be joining on the front end of our Expedition to support the folks who will be joining our expedition as support! Thanks Melina – your expertise and help in country is invaluable.

James Fitzgerald, with Bhutan Ventures, has been working with Expedition Bhutan since before it was Expedition Bhutan. In fact he is the reason that I was able to germinate this seed of an idea to begin with! James does business in Bhutan and introduced me to the dignitaries there that we are partnering with for this project. James remains invaluable to our vision and mission.

High Gear, Cafe Bhutan and the Bhutan Olympic Committee are also partners of our project and this list is growing daily.

We’ve brought on a new team mate for the expedition—David Kelly will be joining us for this unique adventure of a lifetime. I’ve known David through all the nooks and crannies of our lives with depth enough that I’m fairly certain we knew each other in a past life :).  Its as endearing as it can be disconcerting that he often answers my questions before I speak (though this can come in handy when in a risky predicament). David is as adaptable and adventurous as he is intelligent, which makes him one of the coolest people, to do cool things, in cool places with. And as a human who is as comfortable in the silence as he is verbally pondering the between the lines intricacies of ‘why’, at high philosophical decibels, I’m psyched to be perusing the massive elevation gains and losses of Bhutan with him.

With big fits and starts we are still formulating our film team and will keep you posted on that as well as the final on our route. There is much more to share but I will be brief today with the promise of more to come.

Send your friends to our Facebook page to Like us, stay in touch on what you are up to in adventure and we’ll do the same.  I’ll be back at you soon with more details.