In the Land of the Thunder Dragon: A Glimpse of Bhutan

November 3, 2011 |  by  |  Dispatches, Logistics

We've finally arrived. As we fly through the valleys and mountains on our descent into Paro, Bhutan it's clear we are in for the experience of a lifetime. The mountains, valleys, and rivers all come into view and seem to open their arms to our arrival. There is a significant sense of excitement and an emotional relevance that I've felt only a few times before in my life when I know that the journey ahead will give me an opportunity to get a glimpse of many things I haven't felt, seen, or ever experienced before.

The flight to Bhutan is easily one of the most magnificent flights anywhere. Almost immediately upon take-off you start getting views of snow-capped peaks almost level with the plane; Everest, Lhotse, the list goes on. As we descend into Bhutan through one of its many valleys surrounded by mountains a calm peace sets in. A significant change from the hectic pace and sounds of Kathmandu, Nepal. We are greeted gracefully into the Land of the Thunder Dragon. It's very clear after only a short time that the country and the people of Bhutan are special.

The first couple of days have been filled with meetings and preparation. We meet multiple times with our sponsor, The Bhutan Olympic Committee. They have been very gracious and supportive of our upcoming adventure. While meetings and preparation are our main focus before we fully start the expedition we've made one excursion into Paro to get a small initial glimpse of Bhutan. Paro is the entry point for all visitors flying into Bhutan and thus is a mixture of old and new. The new is the airport, the cell phone shops, the old is the dzongs, the monasteries, and the prayer wheels. The transition from old and new can be seen in the faces of the young and old.

Our journey is just beginning and we are realizing through our preparations and meetings that this is the first time anything of this type of magnitude has been undertaken in Bhutan. We are so gracious that we've been given this opportunity.

A couple more days of preparation and we take the next step, an unprecedented journey through the country of Bhutan. With the support of The Prince, His Royal Highness (HRH), who has taken great interest in our expedition, we begin our traverse of this great country called Bhutan.