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Resetting the Intention

04/24/2011  |  Comments Off on Resetting the Intention

As with any huge project we take on, its human to now and then lose sight of the initial intention of our undertaking when the details, tasks and challenges pull us in different directions. Having recently experienced challenges in organizing Expedition Bhutan, I am using Easter to remind myself of why we are doing this amazing journey in the first... more

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Obsession: Bhutan (Join us!)

04/13/2011  |  Comments Off on Obsession: Bhutan (Join us!)

I’ve become increasingly obsessed with Expedition Bhutan planning. The long hours of computer work, research, reading, emails and lengthy conference calls seem to feed my passion for this unique project and country. I realized while lying in bed last night negotiating too many spinning thoughts, that besides writing a book, researching and writing my thesis, and being a professional triathlete... more

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The Planning Hunt Fix

03/30/2011  |  Comments Off on The Planning Hunt Fix

There is a small part of me that wishes I could just show up to an extended expedition or event and just do it. Forget the reading, internet searching, extensive phone calls, team collaborating, info gathering, gear reviewing, and training and just touch down in some foreign land and have at it. But besides the fact that Bhutan doesn’t allow... more

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Does Gross National Happiness Thrive in the Face of GDP?

03/18/2011  |  Comments Off on Does Gross National Happiness Thrive in the Face of GDP?

As I mentioned in my last post, during the reign of the 4th King laws and policy were developed that were consistent with this concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH). King Jigme Singye Wangchuck believed that legitimate public deliberation, discussion and opinion should be used to define any goal and should filter through a democracy based on a GNH Index.... more

Total Expedition Miles: 484.2
Miles to date: 484.2

Trek Miles to date: 277.3
Bike Miles to date: 205.5
Altitude Climbed/Reached to date: 16,260 ft
Completion Date: December 7th