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Expedition Bhutan – the slide show

02/17/2012  |  Comments Off on Expedition Bhutan – the slide show

Note from Terri: This year is already shaping up to be just as enriching as last—is that possible!? I’ve got a fresh view, new clients, a new website, am diving into a couple new classes and seminars and several new projects—including organizing how I’ll be sharing my amazing journey in Bhutan via slide shows and in my writing. And I’ll be returning... more

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What I Brought Home From Bhutan (TS)

12/23/2011  |  Comments Off on What I Brought Home From Bhutan (TS)

While meeting with His Royal Highness, Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, prior to leaving Bhutan, I shared that we came to his country with a naive and vague concept of documented Gross National Happiness. And that what I now peruse after 7 weeks of immersion, is a vastly-layered, multi-colored view of happiness. Bhutan showed me that the qualities of contented societies... more

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“My People, My Country”

12/11/2011  |  Comments Off on “My People, My Country”

Festival Love: My mind lingered on the twirling colors, still enamored of the captivating Buddhist Festival staged in the spacious courtyard of the Tashigang Dzong. As we prepared to set out on two more days of biking and several more days of hiking to our final eastern destination—Sakteng, I was giddy remembering this elaborate celebration and its rich tradition. A... more

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Raw, Huge Land: Humble People

11/28/2011  |  Comments Off on Raw, Huge Land: Humble People

Our last two days of this second big section of trekking took us up 4500 feet over Rodang La (pass) followed by a 7000 foot drop down an ancient trail built so that the first kings father could pass through. Our camp tonight is perched on a precipice, similar to most monasteries in Bhutan. I can see mountains in all... more

Total Expedition Miles: 484.2
Miles to date: 484.2

Trek Miles to date: 277.3
Bike Miles to date: 205.5
Altitude Climbed/Reached to date: 16,260 ft
Completion Date: December 7th