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The Planning Hunt Fix

March 30, 2011 |  by  |  Dispatches, Logistics

There is a small part of me that wishes I could just show up to an extended expedition or event and just do it. Forget the reading, internet searching, extensive phone calls, team collaborating, info gathering, gear reviewing, and training and just touch down in some foreign land and have at it. But besides the fact that Bhutan doesn’t allow foreigners to do this sort of spontaneous traipsing about their country, the bigger part of me fully savors the planning hunt.

I am a planner and one of the most curious people I know. So the act of collecting new information about all kinds of topics and places that I find fascinating, repeatedly satisfies my inquisitive nature. Thus far and without an end in sight, Expedition Bhutan planning has offered me a steady curiosity fix—a big dose of planning high. And at this point in the game there is no end in sight. Oh yeah….

Because I’ve been asked by some what is actually required to do a trip of the sort we are planning and because some of you might might be planning your own big project, I thought I’d share a bit about what our Team has been up to to put this expedition together.

To accomplish(ed) all of the below thus far my team has conference calls about every 10 days and in addition I am in contact with individual teammates as needed.

  • Multiple calls to invite and solidify the team. We are in CA, CO, NV and DC.
  • Multiple team calls to formulate our mission.
  • Website writing and creation.
  • Initiate Facebook wall.
  • Ongoing research about all aspects of the country in general via print, internet and other humans.
  • Ongoing research about Gross National Happiness via print, internet and other humans.
  • Multiple and ongoing emails and calls with our US liaison to to Bhutan.
  • Multiple and ongoing emails with our contact at Bhutan Olympic Committee.
  • Create gear list for trip. (hike, camp, bike, raft, media)
  • Create sponsor proposal, send out, follow up. Follow up again. Send out more. Repeat.
  • Partner with internet site to host our expedition real time (still working on).
  • Hours of research and multiple meetings of route planning: perusing maps, geography, festivals, integration of additional meetings and activities into physical route.
  • Propose Route Plan A to Bhutan for approval.
  • Work with in-country expedition team on logistics.
  • Research the event that Bhutan Olympic Committee wants us to host for them in Bhutan in 2012. (much more on that later)
  • Interview for and acquire film making team (film, sound, creative).
  • Work with film team on story boarding and overall media logistics.
  • Ongoing planning for gear and execution of uploading our trip real time.
  • Acquire PR person to promote pre-expedition to generate more interest.
  • Write regular blog posts to let people know what we are up to because we and they are psyched!!!!

I hope this list was helpful for you in planning your next big project. If I forgot anything let me know and I’ll put it on my to-do list…

Back at you soon,